A few updates!

1. The minutes of our first meeting in November are available here, and our projected timetable for the project is here. Not the most exciting announcement we'll ever make, but we do intend to make as much of the documentation of the project accessible as possible (though sensitive information may sometimes be redacted for public versions). The full project plan should be uploaded early in the New Year, once it's been approved by JISC.

2. Many thanks to everyone who signed up to help us with user testing next year! You should by now have been signed up to the mailing list – if you haven't received a notification please feel free to leave a comment. If you haven't signed up yet and would still like to, you can now do it directly at this link (follow the Subscribe link in the sidebar). We’ll be getting in touch probably early in 2012.

3. A quick advance notice: we will be present in some form (details not yet decided!) at Quadrivium VII, University of Glasgow, 16-17 February 2012. We hope to see you there.

Finally, we wish everyone a very Happy Christmas and New Year Holiday!